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You can find funny comics, touchpad paintings and cartoon videos in my gallery! :) Enjoy your stay!


This article has:

I. Purpose

II. How to join?
        1. What is a title card?
        2. The cartoon's name
        3. Requirements 
        4. Important notes
        5. Submitting

III. Deadline
IV. Terms
V. Ask and answer
VI. List of entries

I. Purpose

As you can see, we - the fan community - are making a fan cartoon which will be starred by Jack Frost and queen Elsa. Would you like to be a part of this project? :)
The winning entry will be the title card of the first one-hundred-percents-fan-made-cartoon of Jack and Elsa by The Chilly Studio!


If you would like to give us a hand in the animating project, we are really glad!
We are looking for unlimited animators (No previous experience required). We will show you the animating program and detailed tutorials when you join the team.


II. How to join?

1.What is a title card?

Mickey by chillydragon

Tom And Jerry by chillydragon

DannyPhantomFrightNight by chillydragon

Frozen by chillydragon

( We do not own the title cards shown in this article. ) 

2. The cartoon's name

So...what's the cartoon name? 
This is the interesting part. We don't know yet! 
What does this mean? You are the one who decide the name of our cartoon. Yes, you!

                Tip: We will judge not only the visual appearance of the title card, but also the name of the cartoon. Make sure that you have a unique, witty and memorable name!
              For example: "cool fight" has 228,000,000 results on Google. This is not the name you should choose.


Cartoon information:
Type: Comedy - Musical

   Main plot: 
Jack met Elsa for the first time and they have an icy-snowy fight.

The cartoon is based on (and developed from) the
 winning contest entry by sasuhina123.

3. Requirements

Style: We accept all styles, but we'd love the title card to have the style that looks a little bit alike the one we use.
Size:  The title card must be in 1280×720. If you draw traditionally, please make sure that you cropped your entry to this size.

The style we use in the cartoon:
Elsa By Chillydragon-d7n8sec by chillydragon1jack By Chillydragon-d7nw48p by chillydragon

4. Important notes:

  • 1. Please do not insert your watermark in the title card.

  • 2. In your description, please feature two entries from other contestants that you like.

  • 3. If you draw directly in the computer, please keep your original working file (which has the picture and the title in two different layers). If you win and we need to change something, this will help.

  • 4. When you post your entry, we will re-post them into our Facebook page for voting round as soon as possible. This means, the sooner you finish your entry, the higher chances you will receive more votes. (1 like is 1 vote)

5. Submitting 

- Please send us a link of your entry in the comment section, (or) a note to chillydragon, (or) a message to our Facebook page, The Chilly Studio.
- Each artist can submit at most 5 entries.


III. Deadline

August 15th.


IV. Terms

By joining this contest, you agree to:
Let The Chilly Studio re-post your artwork in our DeviantArt and Facebook page for voting purpose.
Let other team members edit your artwork during the cartoon project if necessary.


V. Ask and answer:

  • I don't draw the characters in my title card. Is that ok?
    Yes, as long as the title card still looks interesting!

  • Can I use a different style?
    Yes, you can. However, please don't use a totally contrast style, or our watchers might find it not pleasant. 

  • Can I use a name that has already be used by already existed cartoons, stories, movies etc?
    We are sorry, no.

  • How will the community's votes affect the result?
    They will choose 5 entries for our top 10.

  • Is the fight the topic of the title card?
    You can choose any topic. "Fighting" is a good choice. :)
   For deeper information, I think you should read the short comic by our "Fan story for cartoon project" contest winner, sasuhina123.
  The cartoon's details won't be exactly like this, but the main plot will be kept.

  • What is a watermark?
    A watermark is the artist's signature.

  • So the title shouldn't be anything semi romantic? - its about them fighting?
    Yes, it can, but it shouldn't have direct words such as "love" or "enchanted" etc. :)
If you are not sure about the name you choose, you can note me. I can't tell you if the name is the best or not, but I can tell whether it shows the right spirit of the cartoon.

  • Do I have to draw the character specifically or your team will edit it?
    We would love to receive finished entries, so please make it as wonderful as possible. We will edit the title card if necessary, but we prefer not have to.

( If you have any questions, please comment below. )

         The Chilly Studio           


Jack and Elsa contest by michaelabeetle Jack and Elsa contest by michaelabeetle Snow Smitten by SAINOillustration CE: Title Card - Blizzard by Cleasia

:bulletblue: See the album here:…

Thank you for helping us spread this contest to the fan community:
DisneyFrozenFans RotG-Legendary-LifeF Frozen-Deviants Frozen-Comics Frozen-Epic-Fans Frozen-For-All FrozenRoyalty All-Disney ElsaSnowQueen All-Elsa Jack-Frost-FanGroup FrozenandElsafans Frozen-fans-unite Fans-of-Frozen Everything-Frozen Jelsa-Frost-Fans FrozenFanart FrozenFanclub Frozen-FC


Nguyễn Như Như
I'm Nguyễn Như Như from Vietnam.
I enjoy drawing, blogging and taking pictures.

:D Most of my works are done by markers (line art) and touchpad (coloring,...etc...). Before October 13, the coloring was done in (Pilxr). Now, they're done in GIMP.

Nice to meet you all!

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